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Your Success
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Through every phase of life, barre provides undeniable benefits. Our pure method empowers women to look and feel fabulous at every age. By working the entire body, we define your arms, tone your legs, lift your seat, straighten your posture, improve your bone density and increase your energy. Your core is literally at the core of everything we do. Each session integrates core strengthening, and at the end of every class, you will feel more centered and balanced with a real sense of strength from within.

  • Long, Lean Lines
  • Tight, Compact Muscles
  • Tall, Confident Posture
  • Strong, Stable Core
  • Agile, Flexible Body

Happens At
The Barre

Client Praise

I have discovered the fountain of youth. Thanks to Cindy Sites and her fabulous team of instructors, I have found the one method that I know will truly keep me fit and strong for life!

— Dancia

The online classes have given me two great gifts: sculpted arms and more time in my day! Now I can take a class every day at a time that works for me, and I’ve never been in better shape.

— Debbie

I’ve experienced a total body transformation working out with Cindy. She has perfected a method that yields remarkable results at any age, and the commitment of her clients is proof of that.

— Elizabeth

I am addicted to the Greenwich Barre Studio method! Cindy and her team consistently provide the motivation and guidance I need to maximize my results. I feel leaner, stronger and have better posture.

— Patti