A lifetime of achievement

Our Founder
Cindy Sites

Cindy Sites is proof that the purest form of barre is the secret to a forever-fabulous physique. She has dedicated more than three decades to helping women, particularly those in their 40s, 50s and 60s, achieve the best shape of their lives. Now, Cindy is excited to expand access to the benefits of ageless agility with the launch of Greenwich Barre Online. While most online fitness platforms cater to women in their 20s and 30s, Cindy aims to inspire women of all ages to reach higher, stretch further and become stronger every day. Whether you work out with Cindy and her expert instructors online, or in her studio on Greenwich Avenue, you’ll discover her method has the power to transform the human body in every stage of life and to transcend every area of life. Because where there is challenge, there is change. Where there is stability, there is confidence. And, where there is balance, there is harmony.

The Team

Eve Taben

Barre Instructor

Eve has been teaching the method for over 18 years. Before she was recruited to become an instructor, Eve was an avid client. Barre fitness changed her life, and she felt the calling to empower others as an instructor. For Eve, the method is a way of life. It enhances the mind, body and spirit. Her passions include running, swimming and spending time with her family. She has completed the New York City Marathon and multiple half marathons. Eve is a graduate of Brown University and has three daughters who take barre classes in New York City, Boston and Chicago.

Kelly Correia

Barre Instructor

Kelly has been a barre fitness instructor for ten years. A lifelong love of dance and movement led to Kelly’s connection to the original method of barre fitness. She enjoys sharing her passion and helping her clients get the best possible results. She is thankful for every class she leads and is thrilled to be part of the team at Greenwich Barre Studio.

Jenn Warwick

Barre Instructor

Jenn has been teaching barre for 15 years. For her, helping individuals discover their strength and empowerment through movement and healthy living is rewarding work. Every client’s fitness journey is unique, and Jenn makes it her top priority to honor this for each person. While her classes are fun and energetic, she challenges her clients to push themselves and encourages each of them to be present in the moment and to enjoy the change they are creating. 

Jenn is a Certified Breathwork Coach. Learn more about her classes here.

Amy Arnel

Barre Instructor

Amy has been teaching since 1996. An avid ‘client’ turned ‘instructor’, she swears by the method to stay both physically and mentally balanced. Since her early teens physical fitness and exercise had always been a top priority for Amy; when she discovered barre class in the early 90’s, she was amazed at the significant improvements she saw. Her fitness level soared, and she looked and felt better than ever. A true believer that the Method is the most effective and efficient exercise around, Amy is thrilled to be joining the Greenwich Barre Studio with its classic approach!