We call it the original

A Timeless
Method for an
Ageless Body

We believe in the original barre method because the beautiful results are undeniable at every age. Rooted in classical ballet technique, Pilates and yoga, it is highly effective for anyone who commits with consistency and is safe through every season of life. The benefits are as timeless as its origins, and while we adhere to a specific class format and methodology, each class is varied, unique and always inspirational.

The Workout

Based on the fundamental class format developed by barre originator Lotte Berk, our full body workouts combine a variety of challenging ballet, Pilates and yoga techniques. Using light weights, bands and your own bodyweight as resistance, our original method isolates and works the muscles of your upper body, thighs and abdominals to the point of fatigue then stretches them to achieve a long, lean physique. In just a few classes, you’ll notice a difference.

“Be Healthy,
Strong and
Fit for Life.”

The difference

Inclusive Classes
Greenwich Barre Studio welcomes women during every stage of their fitness journey. Our vision is to empower women of all ages to be healthy, strong and fit for life.

Forever Physique
Our original barre method is designed for lifelong practice. If you practice our method consistently, you can achieve a healthy, strong and ageless body into your 70s and beyond.

Total Transformation
Our whole body workouts create whole body benefits. Barre provides a safe and methodical, low impact workout from head to toe. You can improve your posture, build core strength and sculpt long, lean muscles without straining your joints.

Focus on Form
The smallest adjustments can make the biggest impact. Our instructors provide targeted attention to support the individual goals of our clients. We continually assess and make modifications to improve effectiveness and ensure safety.

Well Balanced
Our classes are accessible for every fitness level. We offer a diverse range of class format options online and in-person to serve the needs of our clients. All of our workouts help sculpt the body from the inside out.

Inspiring Instructors
We encourage and equip women who feel left behind in the fitness world to move with grace, strength and poise. Our instructors set a motivating mood with authentic energy and enthusiasm.