A lifetime of experience

The Team

Cindy Sites


Founder and owner Cindy Sites has been honing and perfecting her barre technique for nearly 30 years. She is a classically trained dancer and began studying the barre method at Lotte Berk, the original barre studo. In 2001, Cindy opened Go Figure and expanded the highly acclaimed brand to dozens of locations across the country. Cindy has dedicated decades to helping hundreds of clients achieve their best selves and the best physiques of their lives. And now, she is returning to the barre business with a smaller, more boutique studio with a strategy that focuses on the purest form of barre. Cindy holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology as well as an Associate of Arts in Legal Studies. She and her husband of 34 years have two children and two grand babies.

Taylor Grothe

Marketing &
Media Manager

Taylor Grothe was raised in the barre business. At a young age, she visited her mother’s studio where she was inspired by the graceful and balanced movements of barre. Her early exposure to the method shaped the course of her life. Taylor traveled south to Duke University where she received her Bachelor of Arts. Exploring her entrepreneurial talents, she established a successful gluten free brewery in Stratford, Connecticut. A few years later, Taylor returned to her roots and joined forces with her mother Cindy to open Greenwich Barre Studio. She is passionately involved in the business. As the Marketing and Media Manager, she hopes to reach many women with the transformative power of barre.

Kelly Correia

Barre Instructor

Kelly has been a barre fitness instructor for ten years. A lifelong love of dance and movement led to Kelly’s connection to the original method of barre fitness. She enjoys sharing her passion and helping her clients get the best possible results. She is thankful for every class she leads and is thrilled to be part of the team at Greenwich Barre Studio.

Eve Taben

Barre Instructor

Eve Taben has been teaching the method for over 18 years. Before she was recruited to become an instructor, Eve was an avid client. Barre fitness changed her life, and she felt the calling to empower others as an instructor. For Eve, the method is a way of life. It enhances the mind, body and spirit. Her passions include running, swimming and spending time with her family. She has completed the New York City Marathon and multiple half marathons. Eve is a graduate of Brown University and has three daughters who take barre classes in New York City, Boston and Chicago.

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