Classic Never Gets Old

The method

We believe in the original barre method because the beautiful results are undeniable. Rooted in classical ballet technique, Pilates and yoga, it is highly effective for anyone who commits with consistency, and safe through every season of life. The benefits are as timeless as its origins, and while we adhere to a specific class format and methodology, each class is varied, unique and always inspirational.

The Greenwich Barre Studio Difference

History With the Method

A classically trained dancer, Cindy Sites began her barre fitness career at Lotte Berk, the original barre studio. Cindy has been honing her brand of barre technique for close to thirty years and has owned a number of highly successful barre studios. She knows what works best and how to achieve outstanding outcomes for her clients.

Details Matter

We are perfectionists. Our decades of experience have given us a deep understanding of how the smallest adjustments can have the biggest impact. We zero in on every client’s form. We continually assess and make modifications to improve effectiveness and ensure safety. This one-to-one, personalized attention helps sets us apart in a sea of “big box” fitness chains.

We’re the Real Deal

The methodology is not the only thing that’s authentic about Greenwich Barre. The studio staff and instructors are fun, friendly and down-to-earth people who truly care about your success. We want you to feel at home. Whether you’re a new or veteran barre enthusiast, and no matter where you are on your fitness journey, we’re always happy to see you.

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